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Alexandra Dementieva is taking part in two group shows and is guest editor of the magazine Dannie.r. She also curates RusClub, a on-going programme of Russian movies.

Still from Twin Depths – installation on 7 monitors – on the unsuccessful try-out to return back into water performed during 7 consecutive days

The ID. ART:TECH EXHIBITION, first shown last year at Ca’ Foscari Zattere Cultural Flow Zone in Venice, explores ID as a phenomenon with a wide scatter of meanings – from the term in psychoanalysis (id) to the document that certifies one’s identity (ID) – from the forms of sociopolitical functioning of portraits of Soviet Nonconformism to the images of mass culture, aesthetics of ID cards, passport picture and social networks. This exhibition brings together a collection of experiential-based ideas and projects mediated by technologically progressive visualization methods, as well as paintings, drawings, photography, video, and sculpture.  The exhibition is organized by CYLAND Media Art Lab in collaboration with the Kolodzei Art Foundation.

Apart from Alexandra Dementieva, the list of artists includes Martha Wilson, ORLAN, Faith Ringgold; Cyland MediaArtLab artists and interactive works by Anna Frants, Ludmila Belova, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Sergey Komarov, Alexey Grachev, Alexander Terebenin, a special selection of contemporary sound art from Cyland Audio Archive. Further there’s a selection from the Frants Family collection.

Opening Monday 2 March and running until 20 March 2020 at the National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, New York City

Open: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
More info here


Digital Icons, part of the Festival Transnumeriques #7, is an exhibition around the mutations and translations from one medium to another – from image to sign, image to given, image to network. How do contemporary artists look at the data that form the icons of today and tomorrow, objects of worship in a society that equals appearance to being?

Alexandra Dementieva shows Sleeper, an interactive video/sound AR installation about which you can find more info here (under Works).

Sleeper - RagozinaSleeper - Gurko

Credits: M. Ragozina; E. Gurko

Curated by Philippe Franck and Jacques Urbanska of Transcultures and with the participation of (FR/BE) | Lucas Bambozzi (BR) | Damien Bourniquel (FR) | Gregory Chatonsky (CA-QC/FR) | Fred Chemana alias 眯腊 (mira – BE) | Régis Cotentin (FR) | Alexandra Dementieva (RU/BE) | Jacques Donguy (FR) | R. Luke DuBois (EU) | Aki Ito (JP) | Jean-Philippe Lambert (FR) | Francesc Martí (ES/GB) | Kika Nicolela (BR) | Stéphanie Roland (Be) | Thomas Rouvillain (FR) | Gwendal Sartre (FR) | Yacine Sebti (BE) | Filip Sterckx (BE) | Alain Wergifosse (BE) | François Zajega (BE) | Fabien Zocco (FR)…

Opening Friday 6 March at 6pm and running until 24 May 2020 at Le Mill, Place Communale, La Louvière, Belgium

Open: Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Closed 22.03 – 24.03.20

Find more info in French here

Also here where you can download the brochure of the festival.



Dannie.n is a magazine published by nadine on the artistic research, themes and discussion topics of artists collaborating with nadine. Each edition nadine invites an artist or collective to curate the content of the magazine. The third edition Dannie.r is curated by Kquuan limited and will be presented during the RusClub #41 evening.

RusClub is a platform for Russian cinema. Alexandra Dementieva selects Russian movies and guides you through the history of Russian cinema. The (short)movie that will be shown is: Chronoeye (2012, 32min), directed by Aleksey Fedochenko.

The script was written by Fedorchenko based on his own story “the small Time Machine”. This is a fantastic story about the scientist Gregory (actor Igor Sergeyev), who built a time machine, and dreams of rushing off in his happy days from the past. But for this, he needs to install an antenna from the time machine on the TV tower and overcome the misunderstanding on the part of loved ones., Alexandra Dementieva.

The combined launch of Dannie.n and of Rusclub #41 takes part on Monday 9 March 2020 at nadine/dinA – Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf – Brussels.Doors: 7:30 pm; start movie: 8:00 pm

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