SPOT #1 – A.A.E. Essai 1 – Lucas Cyrille

2020 needed to start with a new iniative for which I am happy to introduce this new column for newly SPOTted talent, extraordinary exhibitions and/or specfic projects.


For the first issue of SPOT I am happy to introduce the work of one of my students at ESADHaR that answers all of those categories. Under the heading A.A.E. Essai 1 (Action Art Environnement -Reinforcement office for nature and culture), Lucas Cyrille has organised his first exhibition in the space of Collectif d’en face, an artists collective here in Rouen. The original co-ordinates of the mostly found objects (including as good as new Christmas trees and skis) are indicated as a wall drawing, while a painted version of the French cover of the so-called Meadows Report The Limits of Growth (Les limites à la croissance) commissioned by the Club of Rome and published in 1971, acts as a quiet early witness of exponential economic and population growth. In view of our current times an extremely thoughtful presentation that nevertheless has a sense of humour by a young artist to keep an eye on. Please find the project’s statement with photos by Léo Barranco below.

The basic idea of A.A.E. is a reflection on the means of production in contemporary art, the responsibility of artists and their ecological impact.
Questioning the usefulness of art in these troubled times, for “Essay #1″, no part was involved in economically encouraging a non-responsible system. The exhibition actually consists of objects and materials that have all been found, gleaned or are second hand.
All the elements of the installation will be able to return to a function after the exhibition.

Action Art Environnement (bureau de renfort pour la nature et la culture) propose ici sa première exposition menée par Lucas Cyrille.
L’idée première de A.A.E. est une réflexion sur les moyens de productions dans l’art contemporain, de la responsabilité des artistes et de leur impact écologique.
Pour “Essai n°1”, aucune pièce n’a participé à encourager économiquement un système non responsable. En effet, l’exposition est constituée d’objets et de matériaux qui ont tous été trouvés, glanés ou proviennent du réseau de secondes mains.
Dans un questionnement sur l’utilité de l’art par ces temps troubles. Tous les éléments de l’installation pourront retrouver une fonction après le temps de l’exposition.

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Until 14 February 2020 at

Collectif d’en face
147 Rue Beauvoisine
76000 Rouen, France

06 23 12 50 12

Open weekends and on demand.

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