Anna Walker at RE:SOUND and Sara Bomans at EXIT11

Exciting times coming up for Bureau Doove about which more soon. In the meantime some news about two of the artists that we support.

Anna Walker will be take part in RE:SOUND, the 8th International Conference on the Histories of Media Arts 2019 – Aalborg, Denmark from this coming Tuesday. RE:SOUND is part of the Media Arts Histories conference series, bringing together leading researchers, artists, and scientists on a series of interdisciplinary topics for over 14 years.

The RE:SOUND conference will take a specific interest on the theories, practices, histories, etc., of art and technology which are focusing on, concerned with, reflecting on, including, mobilising and/or working with sound as a main component or an integral part.

Anna Walkers’ arts-practice balances the auto ethnographic with the critical, utilising personal experiences to facilitate a greater understanding of memory, trauma and its wider cultural implications. She has been exploring trauma in her work for many years, how the body responds to overwhelming traumatic and stressful situations and how it reorganises itself to cope with or manage the trauma. Most recently research has focused on intergenerational trauma, i.e. what gets passed down from generation to generation. For example, the moving Image work: ‘Breathe Wind into Me, Chapter 1’ (2018-2019), exhibited as part of Making Space at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, is a loosely, flowing, stream of consciousness that questions what arises physically and philosophically when life is stripped back to the bare essentials. She is a contributing researcher of Transtechnology Research at Plymouth University.

At RE:SOUND she will present a paper, ‘Locating the Sound of Trauma in me’ as part of Track 6 – Session 6.2 Sound, Bodies and the Life-world II, and will also contribute to the accompanying exhibition.

RE:SOUND takes place from Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 August at several venues in Aalborg, Denmark. The conference is opened on Monday evening with a Leonardo talk by Nina Czegledy. Find more info here.


Sara Bomans has recently experimented with new forms of expression, in particular the use of colour and small formats. She also loves to collaborate with other artists and was therefore invited by Pascal Courcelles to take part in his solo exhibition at Chateau de Petit-Leez at Grand-Leez, Belgium. Sara is showing a selection of her new work as well as her collaborative work with Pascal Courcelles.

The exhibition can still be seen at Chateau de Petit-Leez at Grand-Leez, Belgium until 8 September, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm or by appointment. More info here.

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