AnneMarie Maes at UN/GREEN, Riga

The 2019 RIXC Festival at Riga, Latvia aims at complicating the pervasively employed notion of “green” by providing a cross-disciplinary platform for the discussions and artistic interventions exploring one of the most paradoxical and broadest topics of our times. The festival will feature the UN/GREEN exhibition opening that takes place in the Latvian National Museum of Art, and the 4th Open Fields conference which aims to ‘un-green’ greenness, eco-systemically reconnect post-human postures, and discover and unpack ‘Naturally Artificial Intelligences.’

AnneMarie Maes participates with the installation ‘Sensorial Skin for an Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive’ and with the film ‘Variation Games’. She also will give a talk in which she will give a quick introduction of the current state of the art of bioart and biodesign in an international context. This will be followed with an overview of the research and development of her long-term biotech project: ‘Sensorial Skin for an Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive’.


Her research navigates between experimental urban horticulture, scientific research, and metabolic sculptures. In her experiments she connects living systems and biotechnology with artistic and technological prototyping and experimentation.
 Her toolset includes microbial life and material science, as well as various measurement and information technologies such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), sensors, Big Data cloud storage, signal processing, and Artificial Intelligence. Her artworks follow a complex work-methodology combining first-hand observation in research gardens and rooftop apiaries, laboratory probes and digital monitoring combined with a research into new, organic and smart materials.

She will highlight past and future collaborations with scientists at universities in Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam, with fablabs and Open BioLabs.

The RIXC festival and conference take place at the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga from Thursday 4 till Saturday 6 July with the exhibition UN/GREEN opening Friday evening. The exhibition will run untill 22 September 2019.

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