Traces of Didda Jonsdottir

Despite the storm, or maybe thanks to the storm, we filmed this afternoon with Didda Jonsdottir, guest of honour of the film festival Zone Portuaires that this year is dedicated to Scandinavian film.

We asked Didda to leave a trace in Saint-Nazaire, writing her poems on the massive buoys in the harbour. The recordings are part of the ongoing film project by Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Ollivier Moreels.

Find one of the poems here with an English translation and some images taken at the film shoot.

Við vorum ekki
foreldra okkar
ekki fremstar
í goggunarröð
ekki fallegar
heldur frakkar
og gengum með
sprengjur á öxlunum
og áttum að finna

We were not
the apples
of our parents eyes
not at the front
in the line
of favourite children
not beautiful
but brazen
walking with bombs
on our shoulders
supposed to find
the future.

More to follow.

Performance and poems – Didda Jonsdottir
Concept and recording of the film – Ollivier Moreels and Jean-Louis Vincendeau
Images of the film shoot – Edith Doove

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