Arboretum Recovery – Hantu in Rio de Janeiro

Is there solidarity between plants and humans, or are we just predators? Today, referring to climate change, in many cases, the dangers seem real and diffuse, paralyzing and abstract. However, we inflict abuse on those in our society who are more fragile, in a manner comparable to the abuse we cause to trees and other plants. In some humans, this sad experience fuels the desire to communicate with plants in their environment.

The performance Arboretum Recovery by Hantu (Weber+Delsaux) uses sprouted seeds to extend a part of their body. The artists evolve outward in direct contact with the surrounding plants and experience a physical and conscious proximity between that point of their body and the seed they are using.

This collective performance of Hantu accompanies an experimental work that consists in becoming a support for plant germination, for the cultivation of plants on the skin. This work considers the confrontation between the human organism, its ecosystem, its microbiota and plant organisms. Caring for seeds is, at the same time, taking care of ourselves, because our common destiny involves the future of the planet.

The performance Arboretum Recovery belongs to a series started in 2014, Hantu #5 Body and Tree, which echoes the ritual of revisited death of the trees of the Toraja Tomb (Sulawesi). Developed in very different contexts (France, Indonesia, Egypt…), this series evokes the links we have with plant species during our life and at the moment of our death.

Sunday 2 June
Workshop at 10am
Collective performance at 15pm
Rua Sacadura Cabral, 219
Gambao – Rio de Janeiro

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