AnneMarie Maes – Elbe Bees project in Hamburg

Elbe Bees

Today the unique Elbe Bees project by AnneMarie Maes was officially opened in Hamburg. After a ‘walk-in procession’ by a bee swarm this will live for 14 months in the beehive installed up the pillars in the port of Hamburg, close to a wild nature domain at Entenwerder 1.

A digitally fabricated living sculpture is standing on top of 6m high pillars in the port of Hamburg. A similar sculpture is positioned on a rooftop in Brussels. Both sculptures host honeybee colonies and will be in communication with each other. The hives are nodes in a network of digitally enhanced Guerrilla Beehives. Cameras and sensors monitor the wellbeing and development of the honeybee colonies. In return, the bees give us information about the health of local ecosystems, related to their foraging fields.

No honey will be harvested, but the bees use it for their own surviving. Nonetheless the beehive is under human and technological control. The sculpture is enhanced with a digital surveillance system in order to enable the further research of the artist concerning the disappearing of the honeybees.

The Hamburg beehive is located on pile moorings beside the pontoon for the Golden Pavilion in Enten­werder. A beekeeper frequently checks the situation at the site. It is observable in free space for a whole bee season during the opening times of the public café. Video-, audio, and climate recordings as well as background material are exhibited in the Golden Pavilion.

The project ElbBienen / Elbe Bees is part of the Hamburg Machine, the Art in Public Space program of the Stadtkuratorin Hamburg

Until 30 june 2019
Gold Pavilion
Entweder 1, 20539 Hamburg
Opening hours 10 am-8 pm

More info:


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