Peter Hulsmans in I see, I see, I see…


An exhibition as a riddle, that is the least one can say about Ik Zie Ik Zie Ik Zie Watjijnietziet – I See I See I See Whatyoudon’tsee – the left-out spacing of the last part of the title intended.

As curator Lieve Segers describes it the exhibition is

…a game in which one has to guess an object that one of the players has in mind and that is visibly present for all players. The only characteristic the player gives is its colour.

…the exhibition not only lets the viewer search for an improbable coloured object, but also for how objects and art works can serve and influence each other. The game is moved to the possibility to find peculiarities that are not immediately present in the original works, but can rather be discovered inbetween the art works. The viewer is made visually active while he stays outside. Who searches will find a theatre play with its own rules and rhythms.

With work by Nick Andrews – Carla Arocha & Stephane Schraenen – Guillaume Bijl – Vaast Colson – Fleur de Roeck – Peter Hulsmans – Frank Koolen – Vedran Kopljar – Michèle Matyn – Nadia Naveau – Dries Otten – Ria Pacquée – Lieven Segers – Helgi Thorsson – Luc Tuymans

Visible 24/24 from 28/02/19 tot 24/03/19 at De Serre, Groenplein 1, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium

More info in Dutch here

Some images of work by Peter Hulsmans and a glimpse of the exhibition below.

isee (1)isee1



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