Sara Bomans at Studiostad, Hasselt

On Saturday 23 February Sara Bomans will take part in the first ‘Stadsavond’ (City Evening) organised by Studiostad in the former town hall of Hasselt, Belgium. For this evening Wim Verluyten invited his favourite artists and other creatives.

For the opening of the evening Sara Bomans meets up with fellow artists Bart Deglin and Pieter Timmers. Having recently started to experiment with using colour in a new series of paintings she will be showing ‘There is a rainbow underneath…’. As usual she she uses her particular humourous manner of observing.

There is a rainbow

The evening will further be filled with talks on art and architecture as well as musical presentations.

Saturday from 9-11pm and Sunday 2-7pm (exhibition only) at Studio Stad, Groenplein 1, 3500 Hasselt. Entrance is free.

Find more information (in Dutch) here or here.

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