Sara Bomans in ‘Stripped’ plus Mike Blow update

SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman—what then?

This is the question Nietzsche asks at the start of his Preface to Beyond Good and Evil (1886). In ‘Stripped’ 18 female artists give an answer with drawings in the ‘first Nietzschean-feminist exhibition in the world’ and Sara Bomans is one of them. In her usual self-critical, humourous way, she reflects on her body while she takes a shower sitting on a tabouret to keep her recently broken leg dry, and discovers it is actually not too bad. In the accompanying text she wonders why it had to take her so long, a broken leg and a weird position to sit in, under a running shower, to realize that her legs are actually quite nice.


You can see a section of the drawing above – the rest can be seen in ‘Stripped’ until 10 December at Het Huis van Betekenis, which is dedicated to the art of drawing, on Lauwerecht 10 in Utrecht (NL), open Monday, Thursday and Friday from 2-5pm.


And safely back home, although sadly without his confiscated Breton salted caramel, Mike Blow gave some nice feedback on his recent residency in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire which you can find here.


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