Sara Bomans – Mom’s Book



As part of her art work Sara Bomans makes cartoons which she calls ‘Secret Thoughts’, now already adding up to more than 1500. Since becoming a mom part of those cartoons are inspired by her daughter. Typical for Bomans’ work these are observations of daily life situations that hinge on the absurd.

While she publishes all of her drawings on facebook, Bomans also likes to turn them into books. After a first publication of her ‘Secret Thoughts’ drawings a couple of years ago, she therefore is now preparing the publication of a second book solely bringing together the drawings on motherhood which clearly is not all sunshine and roses. With her usual sense of humour Bomans shows the funny conversations she has with her daughter in an intimate and recognisable way. She also observes what motherhood feels like to her.


  • I love you
  • You have said that already a million times! I will remember it myself!

To get the book published Bomans is using the Dutch fundraising site Voordekunst (For Art). Although she already reached her goal, more funding is needed to lower her own financial input. The book is in Dutch, but the drawings are also understandable for an international audience. And who knows, maybe one day there will be a translated version.

Please support Sara Bomans by donating on the site here (in Dutch). You can donate as little as €10 and get rewards from donating €20 or more, ranging from a set of ‘Secret Thoughts’ postcards to a signed copy of the book or even a rack with a selection of 63 original drawings.

One of my personal favourites is the drawing pictured below, an absurd car conversation with her daughter at the age of 3 years and 3 months:


  • What a nice life we have, don’t we?
  • But I lost my life!
  • Where did you lose it?
  • In the zoo – the giraffe has my life!
  • Ai! Did you swap?
  • Yes, but I want MY life back!
  • What did your life look like?
  • Like a lion
  • And what did the lion look like
  • Like an ape





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