AnneMarie Maes in Beehave


AnneMarie Maes participates with the installation Bee Agency and with the video Variation Games in Beehave, an exhibition curated by Martina Millà at Fundació Juan Miró, Barcelona.

Where are the bees? The mass disappearance of honey bees in recent years has elicited a growing interest in urban beekeeping as a way to re-naturalise cities. The Beehave exhibition project curated by Martina Millà draws on this debate – also among contemporary artists – presenting installations and pieces in a range of different media by local and international artists who invite visitors to engage in sensorial experiences focused on a variety of aspects of the world of bees.

One of Beehave‘s objectives is, as its title suggests, to educate and foster greater knowledge of these insects, thus broadening the boundaries of our perception.

From March to June, a range of local and international artists unfold installations in the Miró Museum and throughout Barcelona. With their actions and interventions they focus on the important role that honey bees and many other insect pollinators play in preserving biodiversity.

The Beehave project features works by the artists Joan Bennàssar, Luis Bisbe, Alfonso Borragán, Joana Cera, Gemma Draper, GOIG (Pol Esteve & Miquel Mariné) & Max Celar, Vadim Grigoryan & Marcos Lutyens, Jerónimo Hagerman, Marine Hugonnier, Anne Marie Maes, Melliferopolis (Ulla Taipale & Christina Stadlbauer), Joan Miró, Anna Moreno, Àlex Muñoz & Xavi Manzanares, Luis Fernando Ramírez Celis, Toni Serra (Abu Ali), Ulla Taipale, Andrés Vial, Pep Vidal and Philip Wiegard.

The exhibition at the Fundació Juan Miró opens February 15th and runs until May 20th.

Parc de Montjuic, 08038 Barcelona
Tues, Wed, Fri 10-6; Thurs 10-9; Sat 10-8; Sun 10-3

Interventions throughout the city 15 March to 17 June 2018

For more info see Beehave

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