Alexandra Dementieva and AnneMarie Maes at Nova XX


The new forum Nova XX is dedicated to technological, scientific and artistic innovation by women on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. The first edition takes place in Brussels from 9 till 30 December 2017. At the centre is the exhibition with 9 installations by Brussels and European artists. Bureau Doove is extremely proud that AnneMarie Maes and Alexandra Dementieva were invited to present their installations Sensorial Skin for an Intelligent Beehive and Breathless.

Nova XX further presents 7 Brussels start-ups and four thematic conferences that in total will celebrate 16 female geniuses in a wide range of domains.

Find more info on the website in Dutch and French (the English version is currently in preparation).

Nova XX opens Saturday 9 December from 5.30 pm in the Gorikshallen, Brussels, Sint-Goriksplein 1, 1000 Brussels

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