Sara Bomans and Remco Roes cross swords, or pencils

As part of her artistic network project PReTT, Sara Bomans has developed a playful Dutch-Belgian encounter that will take place on Friday 26th May in The Fabriek in Eindhoven (NL). A Dutch and a Belgian team of artists will cross their swords or rather their pencils in a friendly match. They will develop works that will either present a reconciliation or a clash between the two countries. All works will be for sale against a friendly price in the evening.

In the Belgian team Sara BOMANS  / Pablo HANNON / Barry CAMPS / Hallveig AGUSTDOTTIR / Kristien DIRKX / Hans GEYENS / Jenny STIEGLITZ / Nele BOLLEN / Sam BALLET / Wout MELVIN SCHILDERMANS.

In the Dutch team Cathelijn VAN GOOR / Vincent BIJLEVELD / Gijs SCHOLTEN / Rob LOOMAN / Hanneke WETZER/ Roland SOHIER / Merel BARENDS / Marit DIK / Jans MUSKEE / ARGIBALD / Remco ROES / Chantal BREUKERS.

Possible tactics can be seen in the image above.

The encounter takes place in De Fabriek, Eindhoven and can be visited on Friday evening 26th May from 8pm.

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