Big finds

According to Jérôme Joy, with whom I toured the harbour to visit locations for future art projects, Saint-Nazaire has the tendency to make big things. An early example is the ‘hydravion Richard-Penhoët‘of which only one prototype was build and that had five motors of 420 hp . Today it are the enormous cruise ships and wind turbines of which a floating prototype has been developed. But during our trip we also encountered some intriguing big ‘sculptures’.

Saint-Nazaire report

Some more impressions of Saint-Nazaire. Slowly falling in love with this place.  

Saint-Nazaire impressions & conversations

Exploring the city, discovering a rich history, and great tastes – yes that is a golden pecan and it is just from the everyday bakery around the corner.


The first part of ‘Slow-Move’, an art project by Edith Doove and Dominique Leroy has been successfully completed. The first phase took place from 29-31 March 2018 between Plymouth and Saint-Nazaire via Roscoff. Bureau Doove has now landed in Saint-Nazaire where it will further develop the project. The results, amongst others a sound installation by Dominique Leroy, will be presented later this spring. Watch this space – to be continued.