Benoît Géhanne – publication and exhibition at CNES

This Thursday 15 September the publication Le Centre spatiale de Toulouse is launched while during the Nuit Blanche of 1 Saturday October Benoît Géhanne exhibits together with Éric Pessan.

Le Centre spatiale de Toulouse retraces a cultural journey through the archives of CNES on the occasion of GRACE 3 (Groupe de Recherches Artistiques et Culturelles sur l’Espace – Artistic and cultural research group on space) with Éric Pessan and Isabelle Sourbès-Verger. They specifically examined the archives of a social movement at CNES (the French National Centre for Space Studies) against the backdrop of the transfer of engineers and technicians from Ile-de-France to Toulouse.

During the Nuit blanche of 1 octobre Géhanne and Pessan show their research results in a one day and night exhibition at CNES.

Reserve your place for the book presentation on Thursday 15 September at CNES or a private visit of the exhibition on Saturday 1 October at or +33 06 75 75 48 25

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