Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists in ZombieBox

ZombieBox is a Q&A exhibition by Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists. Q&A is a series of collaborations initiated by Various Artists with fellow artists who are active in different fields of the art world.

Both Alexandra Dementieva and Various Artists are interested in the ‘p-zombie concept’, a hypothetical creature that is completely identical to a person in terms of the physical body, but does not have consciousness. They take this as a starting point to make new work. ZombieBox serves as a metaphor for the current broadcasting culture that is zombifying a huge amount of spectators everywhere and especially in Russia nowadays.

Various Artists will present ceramic bird pots in an installation that evokes the growing lack of free will in contemporary society. Alexandra Dementieva responds with a new installation of objects in projectroom n0dine.

ZombieBox Opening Thursday 08.09.2022 / 18:00 – 21:00 09/09/2022 – 02/10/2022 by appointment

n0dine, Rue de Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels

ZombieBox, Manette
Kinetics: Mathieu Zurstrassen
(dc motors controlled by an Arduino)

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