BOLERO in Kyiv and Kassel

The BOLERO-project, of which BD was the curator in spring 2021, is finding new halting places in Kyiv and Kassel this summer, opening both this Saturday 23 July.

Passing the baton from Rouen to Kyiv and Kassel

Five Ukrainian artists, selected by curator Alexandra Tyranova, contributed works in which the war in Ukraine is tangible. In Kassel, five German artists, selected by the German artist Jürgen O. Olbrich, participate in Bolero’s ‘nomadic exhibition’, which fits with the concept of Documenta 15, looking for connection between artists and different cultures. Bolero is a unique artists’ initiative that has been shown in 15 locations worldwide since 2010. Currently it has 93 artists. The newspaper as a medium-support of art works connects the location, the artists in Ukraine and Kassel in a time that more than ever demands comfort and solidarity.

The artistic interaction at Documenta 15 is the 2nd time Bolero links to Documenta as it was also presented during the Athens off-show at Documenta 14.

Kyiv (Ukraine) July 23, 2022

Location in public space around
Golden Gate area in Kyiv
opening: July 23
curator: Alexandra Tyranova and Leo Trocenko

Kassel (Germany)
July 23 – September 25, 2022

Location in public space: wall in front of Hübner-Areal Agathofstrasse, Kassel opening: July 23, 11.00 AM curator: Jürgen O. Olbrich

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