Alexandra Dementieva and TUBULAR HEARING Trio

This Sunday 22 May Alexandra Dementieva takes part in the concert of the TUBULAR HEARING Trio.

“TUBULAR HEARING TRIO” is a performance in which sound and image produce each other. In the present moment, the mysterious quality of the relationship between the two persists even when the physical basis of their interaction is established in the mind and eyes of the audience. Thus, sound becomes a flicker of light and shadow a change in timbre.

The artists / musicians are:
Alexandra DEMENTIEVA – Artist creator of electronic video artworks and interactive installations, daughter of a scientist, graduated in 1985 from the State University of Printed Arts in Moscow and from the Fine Arts in Watermael-Boitsfort, painter and draughtsman, sculptor, lecturer and teacher in Brussels since 1990, Alexandra now plants her mini-cameras in front of, on and in Jean-Jacques’ baritone saxophone and José’s cello, improvising dreamlike landscapes playing with shapes and colours.

José BEDEUR – The oldest Belgian jazz double bassist still active, José BEDEUR has never relegated the cello to his conservatory – in HUY in the 1950s – and has taken advantage of covid to really get back into it since 2020. It was in the distant 1950s that, together with the pianist Léon LAFFUT and the late violinist Jean-Marie MARCHOT, he was already exploring, not without humour, total improvisation (without theme, harmonies, tempo, or distinction between musical and other sounds).
His preference has always been for improvised music. Michel MAINIL’s recently published book “MEMORIES OF YOU” relates in detail – sometimes truculent – his rich past on his two instruments in the theatre, the cinema and in concerts, among others with the Métarythmes de l’Air of Christian LEROY from Montpellier and the various Inaudible groups of Guy STRALE from Brussels.
In the brand new TUBULAR HEARING trio, he can finally bring together his favourite music and his lifelong instrument with his beloved artists.

JJ Duerinckx aka Maurice Charles JJ – saxophonist sopranino and baritone.
In 2015 he met multimedia artist Alexandra Dementieva with whom he played in the duo ‘Tunnel Hearing’, recently joined by his long-time friend cellist/double bass player José Bedeur. For more than 20 years he has played with many renowned musicians from the world of free improvised music, such as Lol Coxhill, John Russell, Michel Doneda, Barre Philips, Jacques Foschia, Tom Jackson, Adrian Northover, José Bedeur, Matthieu Safatly, Tatsuya Nakatani, Peter Jacquemyn, Roger Turner, Dan Warburton, Anton Mobin… to name but a few. Sensitive to the visual arts, he is interested in electro-acoustic music, sound art and more particularly in the notion of “soundscapes”, a concept dear to the composer R Murray Schaffer in his book “The Tuning of the world”. The idea of confronting sound matter and melodies, abstract or not, is one of the bases of his musical language as well as a vector of energy to share.
In 2018, he founded “Unreal Brotherface” with the acousmatic composer Stephan Dunkelman, whom he met in 2004 in Zohara, an ensemble created by Zahava Seewald and produced by John Zorn (Tzadik, 2004) in which he played. Unreal Brotherface participated in the City Sonic Winter session 2019 and the Belgian Music Days 2020, among others. MxSx, his duo with Dimitri Coppe, was created in Flagey during the Semaine du Son 2022 and is a tribute to the recently deceased composer.
The confrontation of his sound expertise with other modes of artistic expression such as the visual arts remains essential to his artistic research. Collaborations with Harold Schellinx, Patricia Kuypers, Frank Beaubois, Pascale Gille, Stéphanie Auberville, Isako Horikawa, Petermfriess, among others.
In March 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, he created the Lamaφ (lamaphi), a protean multidisciplinary group, bringing together dancers, musicians and video artists. He is the basis of lab’OMFI: a transdisciplinary experimental laboratory held at Halles St Géry in Brussels from 2017 to 2019. He is founder of the OMFI collective (2011/2019) with cellist Matthieu Safatly and created in 2018 the group Neptunian Maximalism with multi-instrumentalist guitarist Guillaume Cazalet.

Doors 7pm / concert 7pm30 (ring at Friess, 3rd floor)

Contribution: 5 EUR min, 7-10 EUR recommended (drinks included)

Supported by Transcultures. Event by YIAP – Ypres Interactive Art Project.

On this occasion, read a recent interview with Alexandra DEMENTIEVA published in EYE-TO-EYE, The Festival Quarterly, here.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA, Double Depths 2018 screenshots © Alexandra Dementieva

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