Alexandra Dementieva in COSMOS and CHAOS at National Arts Club, New York

The “Cosmos and Chaos” project at the National Art Club in New York is the latest in a series of exhibitions organized as part of the CYFEST-13 International Media Art Festival. This exhibition brings together artists working in different media including painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, video, new media and interactive installations. They all share an interest in the proposed topic, which evokes a wide range of responses to space exploration, climate change, the contemporary cultural and historical context and the social environment.

The CYFEST International Media Art Festival was held in New York and St. Petersburg in 2020-2021. The projects of the 13th CYFEST brought together more than one hundred artists, curators, art critics, scientists, musicians, composers, collectors, specialists on the history of the Russian avant-garde, and lecturers from the world’s leading universities. The transdisciplinary community of festival participants explored the “cosmos and chaos” arising at the intersection of science and art, to understand what these broad philosophical notions mean to us today and how they can be used as a topic and system of aesthetic perception.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA presents her series RE-lighting that consists of five light maps of the cities of Brussels, Gwangju, Maranola, Mexico City and New York made of recycled LED’s. The starting point for this series is the fact that at about 300 km above the Earth (the orbital altitude of the International Space Station), the planet’s surface shows the continents during the day and the cities’ lights during the night. From a further distance, the Earth gives the impression of a lonely and fragile place of life which triggers the “overview effect” in the consciousness of astronauts. National borders disappear from space, conflicts dividing people become less important, “and the need to create a planetary society with a united will to protect this “pale blue dot” becomes obvious and urgent. – (Wikipedia)”. Recycling industrial products into elementary material is one of the ways to protect the environment.

Alexandra Dementieva, ‘Brussels’ from the series RE-lighting, 2021, 100×61 cm, collage of recycled LEDs

COSMOS and CHAOS opens tonight, 14 December 2021, at

National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park South,

New York City, USA

The show runs until 6 January 2022 and is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Find more info here.

Featured image:

Alexandra Dementieva, ‘New York’ from the series RE-lighting, 2021, 100×61 cm, collage of recycled LEDs

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