Kristof Vrancken – NOT IN MY BACKYARD!

An invasive alien is spreading rapidly and threatening our native species, biodiversity, and infrastructure. What can we do and how should we react? What is its impact? Can we return to a landscape free of these exotics or should we challenge our protectionist attitude? What role can we play?

Photographer Kristof Vrancken and graphic designer Niek Kosten investigate and dissect the position of the plant species Japanese knotweed in their environment. Not in my backyard! showcases a wide array of experimental work that explores various visual and imaginative strategies to relate to the issue of invasives and connect with our natural habitat as a whole. It presents a collection of rhizomatic ideas, invasive insights, and artistic interpretations adapting to a world in transformation. By renegotiating the position of the knotweed we might find a new way of living together.

An (incomplete) visual, physical & societal dissection of the (invasive alien) plant species Japanese knotweed

Authors: Kristof Vrancken & Niek Kosten
Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm
Pages: 176
Type: Paperback
Language: English
Edition: 150 — Limited, with a linocut on Notweed Paper on the cover of the book.
ISBN: 978-90-761-0115-6
Release date: 15 sept. 2021
Design: Niek Kosten
Publisher: LUCA School of Arts


  • Vonk Ateliers
    Only on September 16th (18h–23h), during Kunstennacht
    Kempische Kaai 85, Hasselt, Belgium
  • Z33
    House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture
    Bonnefantenstraat 1, Hasselt, Belgium

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