Bolero 2021 in Rouen

From 20 March to 10 April Bolero 2021 will be on show in Rouen, in the Centre André Malraux where the archive will be virtually visible, as well as in the streets for the new contributions – in the neighbourhood of Grand Mare and in the rue des Bon Enfants in the centre of town.

With the initiators of the project Frank JMA Casteleyns, Willo Gonnissen, Pierre Mertens and Mulugeta Tafesse as well as new invites Béatrice Cussol, Dominique De Beir, Driftingspace (Sally Hall + Jason Hirons), Chloé Elmaleh + Marcos Uriondo, Hantu (Pascale Weber + Jean Delsaux), Jason Karaïndros, Gaspard Lieb, Thomas Maestro, Héloïse Marie, Miguel Angel Molina, Marielou Perez, Jean-Louis Vincendeau and Neil Wood.

In collaboration with the Centre André-Malraux and ESADHaR – École Supérieure d’Art et Design le Havre-Rouen in the context of CreArt and the European Day of Artistic Creativity.

More images to follow soon.

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