BOLERO 2021 in END – Hantu


Hantu, The-chewing-gum-mask, 2020

On this last Sunday of 2020 we present in END the series of masks that were developed by Hantu (weber + delsaux) during the last year. The first ones were presented beginning of April during an online conference for their equally online exhibition at Bureau Doove. Since then the series has grown considerably, at once a tongue-in-cheek comment on and protest against this strange object that has invaded our daily lives. Hantu will contribute to the new edition of Bolero in spring 2021. For now find their contribution to END here.

Bureau Doove will take a break until next Sunday – enjoy the holiday, have a good ending of 2020 and especially a very good beginning of 2021!

Featured image – Hantu, Mask-me-anything, 2020

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