BOLERO 2021 – Mulugeta Tafesse

Today’s Sunday END is dedicated to the work of Mulugeta Tafesse, co-iniator of the Bolero project.

Mulugeta Tafesse is an artist and independent researcher focusing on modern and contemporary African art. He studied fine arts in Addis Ababa, Sofia and Antwerp, lectured at Addis Ababa University and was a guest lecturer at HISK Antwerp and Hasselt Visual Arts Academy. He obtained his cum laude PhD from La Laguna University in 2012. In 2014, he was a R.A.T. artist in residence in Mexico City; in 2018, a panel organizer at the 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies at Mekelle University – ICES20 Ethiopia, and in 2020 artist in residence at the Frans Masereel Center, Kasterlee Belgium. Find his END-page here.

Under Blue Skies/S.P., 2016 and Bolero contribution, 2010

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