BOLERO 2021 – Pierre Mertens

In the Sunday issues of END we continue showing work by the artists selected for the 10th anniversary issue that will take place in Rouen, spring 2021, beginning with the founders of the project. After Frank JMA Casteleyns and Willo Gonnissen, today the page shows a specific series of Pierre Mertens. In this series he responds since 5 May 2014 to the world news on social media with one drawing per day. We present a selection of drawings for the year 2020 here and below.

Follow his complete daily quotes on his facebook , twitter and/or linkedin accounts.

Photo 1 14/1/20: Libya’s Haftar leaves Moscow without signing ceasefire agreement.
Photo 2 13/2/20: UN lists firms linked to illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank.
Photo 3 6/3/20: Nine killed in Gaza as bakery fire spreads through packed market.
Photo 4 12/4/20: Covid-19 an enemy without a face.
Photo 5 31/5/20: Trump wants to expand the list of G7 countries invited to include Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.
Photo 6 30/6/20: Duterte presidency unravels as Corona virus ravages Philippines.
Photo 7 9/7/20: US denounces UN report on Iran general’s ‘unlawful’ killing…. Claiming self-defence, Trump ordered a drone attack on Iran’s General Soleimani.
Photo 8 4/8/20: Nile mega-dam talks resume to resolve years-long dispute.
Photo 9 3/09/20: Pressure grows on Russia after Germany discovers Novichok in poisoned Navalny.
Photo 10 17/10/20: Two women vie to lead New Zealand as voting opens.
Photo 11 11/11/20: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy legislators to resign en masse came after Hong Kong government disqualified four legislators on allegations of threatening security.
Photo 12 4/12/20: More than half of 30 million Yemenis risk slipping into ‘worsening levels of hunger’ by mid 2021, UN agencies say.
Photo 13: Contribution to Bolero-project 2010

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