Archive – Loving Care – Pierre Mertens at Blikfabriek 2020

The exhibition Loving Care showed 12 large format (2 x 11.5m) paintings portraying children with untreated hydrocephalus. With this series Pierre Mertens as an artist-activist, wants to draw attention to a global health problem that affects about 1 million children every year.

The quality of the paintings both lies in their boldness as the delicateness with which Mertens treats his subjects, paying special attention to the depiction of fabrics and other details to underline the loving care that these children get and deserve.

The exhibition, curated by Pierre Mertens and Edith Doove, ran from 27 September until Sunday 25 october 2020 at Blikfabriek, Antwerpen.

Krugerstraat 208-270
2660 Antwerp

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Photos Walter Saenen –

Loving Care-affiche

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