Alexandra Dementieva at Laser Talks


On Saturday 12 September Alexandra Dementieva takes part in the launch by Leonardo/ISAST and the CYLAND MediaArtLab of Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous St Petersburg in conjunction with the CYFEST 13 Festival theme Chaos and Cosmos. With as its subjectThe Cosmos above us and the touchscreen in front of us, this LASER will present “out of this world” artists and scientists as a preview to the upcoming festival and the Leonardo journal on Space Arts in English and Russian.

Participants of this discussion are artists whose interest is addressed to the Cosmos, which is in long distance from our actual presence. In the artworks it’s expressed in forms of objects, installations with physical properties, perceived in real time, activated by action, or as performances requiring a live involvement.

After the continuous pause of forced seclusion we need and we want to fully return back to the physical world. One of the most desired answers is how this will happen, taking into the account that this worldwide shared Covid-story hasn’t ended yet. Our constant activity didn’t reduce unlike air traffic and artistic nomad life. It has changed the dimension and turned from one to one into peer to peer exchange. Thanks to strong and stable internet connections, we continue to contact, communicate, cooperate.

Being three-dimensional human, we interact with a flat screen, which, as the Cosmos, may be considered as not yetfully explored and an unexpected deep and infinite space. It may be a new source for concepts of the future with the scenario where we ever deeper dive in the online. But what about the three-dimensional human body, its need and ability to perceive the world? In the form of dialogue and opinion exchange, we offer to discuss what will happen with our need for a living tangible experience in the future? How may change the encounters of viewers with art? What role lays on the physical characteristics of the artwork, materials from which it was created and its perception? What role is allotted to the physical, sensorial, perceptible aspects of artworks?

Chair: Lydia Griaznova
Presenters: Bettina ForgetElena GubanovaAlexandra Dementieva, and Daniela De Paulis.

Moderator: Natalia Kolodzei

Cyland Media Lab
UCLA Art|Sci Center

12 September 2020
10:00 am San Francisco, 7:00 (19:00) Linz 

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Accessible via the public stream link


Telluric Vibrations


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