Kristof Vrancken shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards 2020

Very happy to announce that Kristof Vrancken has been shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards in the category ‘Environment’ with his series Transit.

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Transit depicts the evolution and history of the town of Genk in Belgium, using the 19th-century anthotype process in new forms. It consists of nine photographic prints made with an organic and drinkable emulsion created from plants harvested from the locations seen in the pictures. As a consequence, an interesting relationship between the physical landscape and its photographic representation emerges. This method not only allows me to approach the landscape from an anthropological point of view, but also leaves room to include a nonhuman perspective in the image, and to listen to the hidden story lines of the plants. Plants are increasingly affected by pollution and are excellent receptors and collectors of heavy metals and fine dust. They collect these toxic substances in their systems and they end up in these anthotype prints. The traces of pollution are literally encapsulated in the print. This causes the anthotypes of the polluted landscapes of Genk to have a disturbing undertone, despite their romantic appearance.

The series will be shown in the accompanying exhibition at Somerset House, London from 17 April to 4 May 2020, more info to follow.

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