Alexandra Dementieva in Venice and Brussels

Alexandra Dementieva‘s work can be seen in two exhibitions in the upcoming days.

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The touring exhibition CYFEST-12 will visit Venice on the occassion of the Venice Biennial. The ID. ART:TECH EXHIBITION is dedicated to the ID as a phenomenon with a wide scatter of meanings – from the term in psychoanalysis (id) to the document that certifies one’s identity (ID). The show is situated around what ID represents in the world of people and things, what new meanings come to life when they interact and what this leads to.

Alexandra Dementieva contributes with the video installation Twin Depths (2018). The video was recorded during the residence/ exhibition at Alexander Gallery, Roze, Montenegro.

Most of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Water constitutes 60% of the human body and 80% of the brain. We all “emerged” from water, and this fact is stored in the depth of our genetic memory. In her media installation Twin Depths, Alexandra Dementieva invites us to become explorers and return with her to “our element” and, taking familiar objects with us, settle in the watery realm, forgetting about millions of years of the evolution of the human species. With the aid of live video from a camera installed in the sea, all the attempts to return under the water were recorded and displayed in real time.

From 10 May to 28 June 28 2019 in Ca’ Foscari Zattere Cultural Flow Zone.
Zattere, Dorsoduro 1392, Venice.
Boat stop: Zattere

Opening Night: 10 May at 6 PM
Mon–Fri 10am – 10pm; Sat 10am – 7pm; Sun 3 – 10pm

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The white

The white is not what it seems is a deeply personal take on the case of Julian Assange and the way the media deal with it. In a media installation a seemingly white cube in a white space triggers augmented reality projections.

From Tuesday 14 until Friday 31 May in
n0dine – Rue de Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels

The exhibition can be visited by appointment
(email to or call 02 513 41 04).

More info

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