Kristof Vrancken – three exhibitions in Belgium

The work of Kristof Vrancken can currently be seen in two exhibitions.


The Waiting Room is this year’s title of the group exhibition of Vonk Ateliers at C-mine, Genk that was curated by Koen Leemans. Vrancken is showing the work that he made last summer with Atelier Luma in Arles in collaboration with ENSP (Ecole Superieure de Photographie Arles) and which was earlier shown in Korea.

In collaboration with the Algae Lab of Atelier Luma Vrancken developed a way to use the colour pigments of local algae to make photographic prints, and to materialize the landscape.

Algae not only provide the raw material for the colour pigments, but they also provide important information about the state of the water in which they live. They have a function as bio-indicators and react to climate change and potential sources of pollution, while invasive algae species tell the story of globalism. The resulting photographic series is a reflection on the landscape of the Camargues and the human influences that affect it.

From July 9 to July 12, the workshop “Algaetype: Materializing the landscapes of the Camargue through organic photography” took place in Arles and its region. Conceived by Atelier Luma and the National School of Photography (Arles) and supervised by experts Diane Trouillet, Kristof Vrancken (experimental photographer), Seppe Moons (photographer) and Yannick Vernet.

The workshop aimed at opening the doors of the Camargue through photography and science. The participants were invited to discover or rediscover the Camargue, along with its resources and the issues at stake in the territory, to capture the beauty of the landscapes and to introduce themselves to scientific experimentation and artistic innovation. Over the course of four days, they harvested algae, took pictures of their surroundings, produced paper and algae emulsions and developed photographs in the sunlight.

The workshop gathered people from various disciplines—biologists, photographers, historians, art students, curators, artists—providing a remarkable dimension to the project and enabling a precious collective intelligence to emerge.

To protect the fragile organic algaetype images against harmful influences of the present light, they are stored in acid-free, light-proof boxes.  To view the images you may carefully open the box and close it afterwards.

Until 2 June 2019

C-mine cultuurcentrum 
C-mine 10, bus 1
3600 Genk

Mon 1-5pm; Tue-Sun 10-5pm



The traveling group show Remembering Landscape visits Brussels after Siegen and Bucharest. The show and its publication highlight questions around what kind of landscape we desire and how this can be construed or portrayed? What is the role of art? How can art close the gap between a landscape past and present in a single image or series of pictures? Pictorial strategies are connected to aspects in memory, memorial and establishing the past.

The exhibition’s artists and groups of artists grant a voice to landscape. They create current landscape images located between fiction, symbol and documentation, and appeal to our ability to read and decipher them – but also to the imagination and our capacity to mourn.

With artists Marianna Christofides, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Lukas Einsele, Anne Heinlein and Göran Gnaudschun, Markus Karstieß, Thomas Kellner, Jan Kempenaers, Aglaia Konrad, Susanne Kriemann, Armin Linke, Andreas Mühe, Alexandra Navratil, Unknown Fields Division, Danny Veys and Kristof Vrancken.

Curators of the show are Dr. Eva Schmidt (Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen) and Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler (HfG Offenbach)

Vrancken shows his series of work around the Genk landscape.

Until 9 June 2019

De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussel

Tue-Sun 12-6pm



A third exhibition, L’Heure Bleue, opens next week in Knokke-Zoute.  This exhibition with alongside work by Vrancken, work by amongst others Nick Ervinck, Jan Fabre and Pipilotti Rist, talks about the magical moment of twilight when the sun seems to disappear and only the blue of the sky is visible. This moment when birds start to sing and flowers have a more intense odour, is seen as a moment of metamorphosis in which apparent contradictions disappear: day and night, life and death, lust and pain.

Until 28 July 2019

Kunstgalerij De Mijlpaal, Zeedijk 816 Knokke-Heist

Opening Sunday 19 May 2-6pm
Open Fri-Sun 2-6pm

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