Alexandra Dementieva at ADAF 2018

The 14th edition of the Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) explores the unknown future of the Technological Apocalypse through art, science and technology. This year’s theme is ‘Singularity Now’ with singularity being “associated with infinity, the unknown, and the beginning of universes, both physical and conceptual.” The question is how this notion can be linked to art and technology.

Within this context Alexandra DEMENTIEVA‘s installation ‘Breathless’ (2012) was selected as an answer to the call “to submit works and achievements which outline, comment, foresee, or determine the upcoming singularity, the human role in this new era, the role and form of art and technology in it”.

The installation consists of three interactive light objects. Two of them are directly connected to an RSS news feed, which keeps track of around 50 newspapers. Its program is set up to search words and notions related to the concepts of fear and desire – motors of human behaviour.

The third object is wirelessly connected to the street and the number of its diode lines illuminated depends on the levels of noise pollution. Inside each of objects is an anemometer. The viewers can blow on the device transforming the work with their breath, influencing the lighting and mutating the words into meaningless marks.

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA‘s main interests focus on social psychology and perception and their application in multimedia interactive installations. The projects explore the spectator’s depths of perceptual experience and the interaction of the individual spectator with the exhibition as well as with other visitors.

Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 May 2018
Megaron Concert Hall, Athens
10 – 23pm
Free entry


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