Dominique Leroy in Modulation


This weekend Dominique Leroy takes part in the project Modulation, 24 hours of micro-radio in the mountains of the Hautes-Alpes region in France. A radio studio is mounted in open air and transmits locally over one square kilometre. During 24 hours, artists connect to the antenna to produce live experimental music, sound poetry and radiophonic art.

Modulation proposes a unique radio experience in the spirit of the micro radios developed by Tetsuo Kogawadans in Japan in the eighties. The idea is to work with the medium of radio on a reduced scale to include the studio on the environment and create a continuum between production and listening.

The program starts at Saturday 15th July at 6pm and runs until all artists have intervened “or until the batteries run dry”.

Nearest train station is Veynes en Devoluy. Visit for more info (in French).

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