Dominique Leroy in Circuit

As an artist Dominique Leroy also works in the world of theatre and dance.

Circuit – the new creation of French choreograph David Rolland is an immersive sensorial experience for one spectator. Guided by a haunting soundtrack through a mobile architecture designed by Dominique Leroy, the spectator wanders around shadow dancers on the trajectory of a real or imagined partner. She projects herself into an artist’s life, imagines looking at a work from behind the scenes, gains confidence and dares a careful movement. In this abstract phantasmagoria, the warm voice of David Rolland accompanies the visitor in her perambulation towards “moments between us”, “just before …”, where there is often talk of waiting or listening. While the spirit is immersed in fiction, the body is summoned to be physically present like the two dancers that one comes across. In a play with shadows and humour, dreams, memories and phantasies mix where dance takes its place.

As a continuation of a choreographic self-portrait, Circuit is an invitation to partake in the precise and precious moments of the profession of the dancer and choreograph. How to be at the same time centred on one-self and keeping the senses alert, conscious of the world that surrounds us. It is with that goal that David Rolland invites the spectator to enter into “a state of dance”.

Circuit takes place during the Festival of Avignon from 6 to 18 July 2017 (break on 12 July) and takes 1h20.

For more info and images: David RollandLa Manufacture and a video.

Château de Saint Chamand, Avignon
Reservation is essential and can only be done via phoning +33 6 69 61 30 00.

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