Remco Roes in Convinced Doubts

3D printed parts  Dan Declerck composition and photo                          © Remco Roes & Tom Lambeens, 2017

Convinced Doubts (Overtuigde Twijfel) exhibits the act of making and questions the act of exhibiting. While the artistic practices of Dan Declerck, Tom Lambeens and Remco Roes are very divergent, they all tackle the big constants of life, such as gravity, in a specific way, namely out of a state of ‘convinced doubt’.

Remco Roes attempts to defeat gravity, to order from chaos and to design from arbitrariness. Working with an arbitrary collection of materials he discovers patters in space. Objects thus become markings with which he signifies.

Opening Sunday 23 April at 3pm

Exhibition 23 April – 28 May 2017

Galerie PINSART – Genthof 21 – 8000 Bruges (B)

Fri-Sat-Sun 2-6pm

More info (in Dutch) here

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