Peter Hulsmans: Locale

Making visible what is elusive, such as emotions and thoughts, is an important driver for Peter Hulsmans. This specific interest results in self-contained installations, sculptures and objects. Hulsmans often departs from personal experiences that are translated into a generally valid image. What remains are concrete objects and situations. This new reality comes alive through the interaction between viewer and objects and/or the situation at hand.

For ‘The Cage’, a large, high space at the heart of the main building of PXL-MAD School of Arts where he teaches, Hulsmans developed an installation with completely new work, called ‘Locale’.

From 27 April till 30 June 2017
Mon-Fri 9-6
PXL-MAD School of Arts (De Kooi)
Elfde Liniestraat 25
3500 Hasselt

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