AnneMarie Maes in Transformative Ecologies


The exhibition Transformative Ecologies is curated by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits ( for Mons-2015, European Cultural Capital.

The exhibition features innovative art science works by Latvian and Belgian artists, who are envisioning sustainable future scenarios with regards to food and energy. The artists have used innovative methods to create sonic, visual and 3D representations of various environmental and biological data collected during their long term techno-ecological researches.

With: Gints Gabrans, Rasa Smite And Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks, AnneMarie Maes, Gert Aertsen, David Debuyser, Voldemars Johansons, Janis Jancevics, Paula Vitola, Rihards Vitols.

The exhibition is complemented by the 3D Biolab symposium (organised by and on August 20th and 21st in Café Europa:

Thursday 20/8 – workshop on 3D data visualization, working with the data collected during the art/science research projects Biotricity by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits (biotricity-bacteria-battery) and Intelligent beehives by AnneMarie Maes (bee-laboratory-works).

Friday 21/8 – David De Buyser will present and perform with his bio-electronic synthesizer the Fungus-box. ( Gert Aertsen will guide us through the mechanics of speech generated by wind. (Aargh).

Exhibition Transformative Ecologies
from 20/8 to 30/8, Tues-Fri 8.30-5pm; Sat-Sun 10-6pm; Mon closed
opening Wednesday 19/8/2015 at 6pm with performances
La Maison du Design – gallery
Rue des Soeurs Noires, 4 – 7000 Mons – Belgium

Symposium 3D Biolab
Thursday 20/8 and Friday 21/8
From 12-4pm and from 5-8pm at Café Europa
Rue des Soeurs Noires, 4 – 7000 Mons – Belgium


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