Sara Bomans – All Over The Place

Sara lives

On Thursday 6 August Sara BOMANS opens her exhibition All Over The Place at Het Kabinet in Hasselt Belgium. The walls will be covered with her drawings. The 572 drawings of the series ‘Secret Thought’, a shameless kind of diary, will be for sale for €10, but only straight from Sara herself. Drawings that are sold are taken down immediately but can still be seen in the ‘(not very) secret thoughts – the book’.

Also on show will be the ‘Red Series’ in collaboration with Robert Quint and the ZEN series in collaboration with Remco Roes.

The show runs until 30 August at CIAP vzw, Lombaardstraat 23, B-3500 Hasselt | (T) +32 (0)11 22 53 21 | (E)



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