AnneMarie MAES at ARTE@IJCAI, Buenos Aires


AnneMarie MAES is showing her immersive installation The Scaffolded Sound Beehive at ARTE@IJCAI in Buenos Aires from 25 July onwards as part of ARTE@IJCAI, an exhibition highlighting the use of AI technologies by artists and researchers. The exhibition takes place in the context of IJCAI, the largest and most respected conference on AI in the world in which this year the interaction of AI and Art is the major theme of the conference. The exhibition only shows seven works with MAES showing alongside Olafur ELIASSON as an example of artists who use AI techniques to empower their artistic research.

The immersive installationThe Scaffolded Sound Beehive demonstrates how AI techniques can be used to intensify our experience of the natural world by enhancing sounds and images with artificially generated structures, and by visualising the deeper categories that machine learning algorithms can detect in sensor data. Concretely, the installation is based on the behaviour and sounds of bees recorded in beehives, processed using pattern recognition and machine learning. It is an immersive installation in the form of a beehive. The viewer puts his or her head inside and experiences a visual and auditory artistic interpretation of hive activity.

The exhibition takes place at the Borges Cultural Centre, Pacif Galleries, Viamonte 525, Buenos Aires, 25-30 July 2015,
Mon– Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 12-9pm.
More information on the IJCAI-conference can be found here.

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