Anne-Marie CULHANE in Soil Culture at create

wassailbowlrd Anne-Marie CULHANE takes part in the exhibition Soil Culture at create in Bristol, Green Capital of Europe, that is opened this Saturday by Alys FOWLER. The exhibition is a summer celebration of 2015 UN International Year of Soils. Since last summer, the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) has supported twelve artist residencies with different hosts across the South West and at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The exhibition shows the work that was developed during these residencies.

Anne-Marie CULHANE worked in conjunction with staff and students, creating activities and carrying out research and exploring the potential of planting new edible fruit and nut trees on campus. The project also reached out to the local community with events which welcomed the public onto the Campus.

Soil Culture at create runs until 26 August and is open Monday to Saturday. Find more information about the programme here and about Anne-Marie’s residency here. _______________________________________________________________ Like what you read? You can now support Bureau Doove by clicking this work by Stefaan QUIX. YDM,SR_#577_11JUN15_S

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