Nathalie HUNTER and Biophilia Cracks


In the context of the exhibition URBANisM, which temporarily redefines the parking lot, Nathalie HUNTER investigates what grows in the cracks of the pavement. Worried about the disconnect with nature in general and in urban space specifically HUNTER fights tirelessly for a creative reconnection.

Next to each installation of the project she looks for plants that grow between the cracks. QR-codes inform you about the interaction of the plants with your body (herbalism) and the soil (phytoremediation). Then, plants will be used to make paintings. Ancient dye techniques will meet encaustic paint to reveal a whole new, completely ecological way of painting. The results of this very experimental journey will be shown during the finissage on August 30.

URBANisM opens this Friday 26 June and runs until 30 August in Mechelen, Belgium. Find more information (mainly in Dutch) on their website and Facebook-page.

For more information on Nathalie HUNTER‘s project ‘Biophilia Cracks’ visit her blog. Plus check the QR-code above and be surprised.

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