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Bureau Doove is really pleased with the endorsement we got from Plymouth Culture for our recently submitted Grant for the Arts. Executive Director Dom Jinks states in his support letter:

We regard this development and project as a unique offer in Plymouth and the wider region that is able to engage with high quality artists and work and enable opportunities for international development.

This project also aligns with strategic priorities for Plymouth Culture and the cultural strategy of the city in terms of prioritising international development.

While waiting for a hopefully positive result, which would enable us to develop amongst others a project for the upcoming Plymouth Art Weekender, I am also looking for private funding to support the activities of Bureau Doove. With your support I hope to build it into a new sustainable business in the arts, in an area that is challenging but that also has high potential; support exciting artists based in the Southwest and abroad; and enable international opportunities and exchanges.

Stefaan QUIX has kindly donated 10 unique A4 prints of his ‘Your Daily Monochrome’ series, including certificate, in exchange for your support. You can give Bureau Doove a little kick start on the newly created Support page. Thank you!

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