Remco Roes

Poster - Marcel Beyer

Remco ROES takes part in “Most people never eat poetry” #1 – An event with Marcel Beyer: between building words and speaking images at LUCA School of Arts, Campus Ghent on Thursday 4 June at 7 pm.

Commissioned by the Goethe Institut Ton Naaijkens translated four poems from the series Graphit by the poet Marcel Beyer who is regarded as one of the most important contemporary German authors.
Graphit is described as “writing inspired by photography, a writing with perspective”. The translated poems are the starting point for a one-day exhibition event curated by Arne De Winde, Tom Lambeens and Wim Lambrecht, followed by a conversation with Beyer on the relation of his work with contemporary art.

Roes presents an installation in collaboration with Felix Orru, Tom Lambeens, and Edgar Vimbus.

More info on Facebook.

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