Sara Bomans

SB-capture-002-small Sara BOMANS, Capture, 2011

Sara BOMANS is showing a series of performative photographs that she realised in collaboration with Remco ROES. Under the title ‘Capture’ the series shows the mix of humorous and simultaneous serious struggle with (something in) life that BOMANS has become famous for and that is equally mystifying as aesthetically pleasing in its white-on-white colour scheme.

The exhibition The Mythe in Me, which opens today, brings together 50 artists from a wide variety of backgrounds showing very different approaches to the subject of the exhibition. One of BOMANS‘ works was chosen to be on the poster for the show.

The Mythe in Me runs until 31 May in the Durmetuin, Gentstraat 125, Tielrode, Belgium and is open on Saturdays from 1-6pm and on Sundays from 11-6. There are nocturnes every Tuesday from 7.30pm. Entrance is free.

More info in Dutch. Find the complete series of ‘Capture’ on Sara BOMANS’s website.

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