Workshops: Wonder Room and Talk Show


Wonder Room is a unique workshop that uses examples of presentation and organisation from art history. We also look at the use of art by popular music bands, to enhance problem solving, creative collaboration and idea development in a light and enjoyable way.

Everyday chaos becomes a wonder to explore. Using the model of the Cabinet of Curiosities or Wonder Room, every conference room is turned into a room of wonder that leads to new insights.

The workshop consists of a combination of a lecture and practical exercises. Participants are asked to bring in an everyday household or office object.

The workshop is delivered for small groups from 8 to maximum 12 participants and can be tailored to various backgrounds or purposes (non-experts, CPD, academic) during half a day or a full day with the full day having the benefit of providing a platform for the development of new ideas. In each case a safe and pleasurable environment is developed in which finding creative solutions thrives. Included are quality coffee and good cake (and lunch when a day long).

“Edith creates a relaxed and playful space and provides great coffee and cake.”

At the end of this workshop you will have new insights in how to deal with everyday obstacles.

Responses from a workshop at HQ – Business Centre, Plymouth:

“Great! I recommend it to people who feel stalled in their career or home life.”

“This was a workshop full of inspiration that filled me up with the need for play, excitement and wonder, both as an artist and as an individual.”

“A way to creatively explore ways of playfully thinking and being outside your perceived restrictions.”



Talk Show is a workshop on presentation skills in which your current presentation skills are reviewed or build from scratch. Where for most people having to present is their worst nightmare, this workshop will give you the confidence to share your knowledge or your story with others.

To give participants enough time to develop their skills this workshop is delivered to groups of maximum 4 to 6. Participants need to have access to a laptop and Powerpoint. Other presentation options will be introduced during the workshop.

As with Wonder Room this workshop creates a safe and pleasurable environment in which to develop your presentation skills in a relaxed kind of way. Quality refreshments and lunch are included in this day long workshop.

At the end of this workshop you will have to the confidence to present for a small audience.

One to one sessions and follow up coaching are also possible.

The workshops are led by Edith Doove and can be delivered in English, Dutch or French.

Use the contact form to ask for more information and a quote. Prices are dependent on venue, participants and length of the workshop.

Image: Rosamund Purcell, Ole Worm’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Museum Wormianum, Copenhagen – also see 

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