Alexandra Dementieva in Hybris – Monsters and Hybrids in Contemporary Art

Coinciding with the Venice Biennial Alexandra Dementieva will take part in the group exhibition Hybris – Monsters and Hybrids in Contemporary art, organised by MediaArtLab CYLAND.

The project in the exhibition halls of the library at Ca’ Foscari University, will showcase works of 19 artists from Italy, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and the US. The project’s theme contemplates one of the mechanisms underlying the functioning of culture – the connection of the unconnectable, the problem of the relations between “one’s own” and “someone else’s”, the blurring of the borders between well-established concepts.

Working on her favourite subject Dementieva presents the new multimedia installation Monolith 2, a combination and interpretation of Malevich’s Black Square or ‘great nothing’. She writes about it:

The black monolith is externalization. It is the process by which the “internal OBJECT” is projected at a certain object in the outside world. It is a different person that becomes this object. Furthermore, upon superimposition, the projection brings forth something that is doubled by the mutual action of each protagonist. And what if this “something” is our internal monster or a new creation — a hybrid to which one needs to get accustomed and which needs to be tamed.

Hybris opens Friday 12th May at 6pm and runs until 28th August

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday – 3 PM to 8 PM

Media Preview: May 10, 11 at 11 AM

Cà Foscari Zattere, CULTURAL FLOW ZONE
Zattere, Dorsoduro 1392, 30123 Venezia
Boat stop: Zattere

Find more information here where you can also download the catalogue.

Also see the website of the Belgian Pavilion.

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