Mira Sanders – on the impossibility to form an idea of limits

Bureau Doove recently collaborated with Belgian artist Mira Sanders for the English subtitles of her movie on the impossibility to form an idea of limits. This movie is a fragment of her heterogeneous artistic practice which she calls Le journal d’un usager de l’espace (Journal of a usage of space) and which was examined as a PhD in the Arts at Netwerk Aalst, Belgium on the 10th of March 2017.

The focus in her work is on space that is at the same time geographic, sensorial and social. On the (im)possibility to form an idea of limits relies on the ‘act of drawing’ to explore, along the way, visual possibilities in order to appropriate limits in a place (or context) as objective matter into an artistic vocabulary. The exploratory and intuitive research forms images of a limit(s), a travel trajectory or trajectories, a time, a dimension(s) and places them in an artistic perspective. The research prefers to walk next to the landscaped paths to mark the volatile and mobile, fluid and invisible limits and declare them in a new pictorial territory. Images that emerged from intimate experiences along the way came to the fore step by step during the doctorate. They assumed the appearance of a reasoning or scenario or something linguistic – or all three concurrently. An index was used to gather images, actions and intentions along the way. This index serves as a means to be able to envision continuously a pictorial research (photos, drawings, models, installations, films and maps) and to explore it to its limits.

The work of Sanders, with its excessive layering and process-based approach, connects well to what Bureau Doove stands for and we are therefore currently looking at other modes of collaboration.

Visit her website here and find the movie here.

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