Rachel Ara in Transgender, Gender & Psycho-analysis

Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer, www.jimpoyner.co.uk, AAP2016, Aesthetica Arts Prize, YMT, Setups,

Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer, http://www.jimpoyner.co.uk, AAP2016, Aesthetica Arts Prize, YMT, Setups,

Bureau Doove is happy to now also represent the exciting artist Rachel Ara who currently lives and works in London. In her work, Ara is specifically interested in the conspiracy of silence, hidden agendas and their repercussions, particularly the inequalities faced against women in our culture.

Ara won the 2016 Aesthetica Art Prize with her work This Much I’m Worth (pictured), “a self-evaluating artwork that continually displays its own sale value”. She was also shortlisted for The Lumen Prize 2016 Still Image with her work D.O.A.M IV (The Death of Ana Mendieta), a CAD rendering of the death scene of the artist Ana Mendieta.

Ara uses a range of materials according to each project, ranging from film, sculpture, paint and drawing to electronics, programming and CAD.

Visit her website here.


Rachel Ara is showing work in the upcoming exhibition Transgender, Gender & Psychoanalysis as part of the conference with the same title.

Private view: Sunday 5th March 4pm – 6:30pm
Show: 6th-12th March 2017

Location: Draper Hall, Hampton Street, London SE17 3AN.

The exhibition is open from 11am-6pm. More info on the conference here.

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