Dementieva, Quix, Blow

universeAlexandra DEMENTIEVA

Another busy weekend for some BUREAU DOOVE artists!

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA is showing a short film during the film festival Rencontres (cinematographiqes) au sommet (1531m), in Verbier, Switzerland on Friday 1 May at 2pm. Find more info here.

Also from 1 May she will be showing a short movie during First Light, an Ottica TV Project for the International Year of Light 2015, which runs until 31 December. More info.

Stefaan QUIX will present his film installation ‘Licht und Blindheit’ for the second weekend during Sounding City, the international sound art festival currently taking place in Kortrijk, Belgium. More info.

And Mike BLOW will over the weekend take part in BEAM: Interactive Music curated by Brunel University at Parabola arts Centre during Cheltenham Jazz Festival. He will show two experimental compositional interfaces: Aeolus is an old wooden index card cabinet of which seemingly empty drawers each contain the sound of a different wind from a different place, to be opened individually or in any combination to compose with the wind recordings. Shadowplay is a display case with light sensors embedded into it, so that when participants pass the shadow of their hand over each sensor, a sound is emitted.  The pre-recorded samples are from the artists performing over the weekend during the jazz festival and allow the audience to create their own live mix of the musicians they are about to see. Find more info.

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