Bureau Doove is delighted

BUREAU DOOVE is delighted to announce the re-start of its activity as an international art management agency (formerly edprojects) and represent or work with and alongside the following artists:

Sara BOMANS – Hasselt, B
Anne-Marie CULHANE – Exmouth, UK
Alexandra DEMENTIEVA – Brussels, B
DRIFTINGSPACE (Sally HALL and Jason HIRONS) – Plymouth, UK
Hester DOOVE – Amsterdam, NL
Peter HULSMANS – Antwerp, B
Nathalie HUNTER – OLV Waver, B
Jimena KATO MURAKAMI – Madrid, ES
AnneMarie MAES – Brussels, B
Remco ROES – Hasselt, B
Stefaan QUIX – Brussels, B

With several of these artists I have worked previously, amongst others in the exhibitions The Imminent, Becoming, Ever Changing, online (Culhane, Driftingspace); Platform P at the Duke, Plymouth (Bomans, Dementieva, Hall, Hirons, Hulsmans, Hunter, Roes, Quix); wijheizijwei, various locations in Flanders (Hunter); Trajector Art Fair, Brussels (Bomans, Dementieva, Hulsmans, Hunter, Roes, Quix); The Game is Up, Vooruit, Ghent (Hulsmans); Multi/plier, Galerie Les filles du Calvaire (Hunter, Hulsmans, Kato Murakami); deDonderdagen, deSingel, Antwerp (Quix), Hyperbolic, STUK, Leuven (Quix), Super! Triennial for Visual Art, Fashion and Design, Hasselt (Hulsmans, Hunter).

BUREAU DOOVE will regularly report on projects organized by or with these artists or exhibitions they have been invited to or that we organize together. Should you be interested in showing their work please contact me via the contact form.

If you would like to be considered for representation please get in touch but be aware that in order to deliver qualitative support I will have to limit the amount of artists I work with on a regular basis. Please also familiarize yourself with the artists’ websites and mine to see whether I would be the right person to represent your work. I however also offer ad hoc support without on-going representation.

Find news about our current or upcoming activities here.

Edith Doove

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