Joseph Baudart

Disturbing times
The choice of inaction in a troubled era
Installation to be placed under a water leak, 2020.
Ceramic fellow, glass jar, water and Chinese ink.

Mr. Hollow is a quiet person.
External phenomena do not frighten him.
With his feet in the water, Mr. Hollow does not panic.
Mr. Hollow is full of dark ideas.
Sometimes an outside event gets into his skull.
So his ideas are springing up into his little world.
The water invades Mr. Hollow’s bubble.
Mr. Hollow does nothing.
Mr. Hollow doesn’t move.
Mr. Hollow will not rise,
But he doesn’t think less!

Note: The “phenomena” and other “external events” were represented here by the drops of water flowing from the ceiling of the Lavoisier building. The “dark ideas” were represented by the Chinese ink contained in Mr. Hollow.

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